Scheidemantle Law Group

Scheidemantle Law Group

Scheidemantle Law Group P.C. is a boutique law firm comprised of senior lawyers who formerly practiced at large firms and have been inspired by the recognition that clients are best served in a flexible, principles-driven environment that embraces the law as a profession and not as a numbers-driven exercise to increase profits-per-partner.

Solving the problems of our clients is our specialty …

Scheidemantle Law Group’s lawyers present a remarkably diverse array of legal expertise, including complex business litigation, commercial contracts and transactions, insurance recovery and counseling, risk management counseling, real estate, intellectual property and trade secrets, mergers and acquisitions, sale-of-goods transactions and advice, products liability defense and counseling, construction defect litigations, toxic tort defense, and class action defense. Yet, the firm’s true specialty is not a legal practice area but rather a relentlessly driven, highly focused dedication to responding timely and effectively to the immediate needs and problems of our clients.
We adapt to you …

The legal professionals at Scheidemantle Law Group pay meticulous attention not merely to procedural rules and legal developments but also to the business of our clients: the impact of the marketplace, their internal and external pressures, their missions, values, and styles, and their preferences. We employ an adaptive approach based on the needs and philosophy of the client and the circumstances at play in the particular matter. In handling disputes, we are equally as comfortable trying cases for clients who steadfastly refuse to settle as we are facilitating prompt resolution for clients with a preference for early compromise. In every instance, we continuously seek creative legal or strategic solutions that will result in the earliest successful outcome.

Proactive innovation: in search of the show-stopper …

From the inception of every matter, we seek a tailored solution. Viewing any litigation, transaction, communication, or legal issue as “garden variety” quells and neglects creative thinking. Whatever the issue may be, we strive to craft a solution that no one has thought of to end the problem immediately: the show stopper.

Driven by core principles …

Power of Questions
Courtesy and Respect
Giving Back
Focused Excellence
Dedicated to continuous improvement …

We at Scheidemantle Law Group are dedicated to practicing law and conducting business consistent with these principles. We are receptive to feedback from our clients and others on how we may continuously improve and serve client needs in the most effective and efficient manner possible.