Select Programs Insurance

If you haven’t obtained a proposal from Select Risk then it’s very likely you don’t have the best available commercial insurance and risk management program for your company.

YOU will realize a completely superior level of service…

There are many insurance companies who provide commercial insurance for dry cleaners and
commercial laundry facilities. We actively write coverage with nearly all of them. There are even a handful of insurance brokers who claim to specialize in commercial insurance for the fabricare industry.
Typically this group takes a “broad strokes” approach
which only considers insurance products “for the masses.”
In doing this there is an absence in the evaluation of risk
management and other critical business and operational practices.

YOU will experience completely unique approaches to managing risk within your organization…

Simply stated, there is not another insurance broker in the U.S. that compares to Select Risk on any measureable scale. We take a comprehensive approach to all commercial insurance and risk management for dry cleaning and laundry operations.

Are you skeptical? Do you believe all insurance providers are alike? Here are just a few of the valued added risk management services we provide specifically for fabricare operations:

- Industry benchmarking studies
- Payroll and human capital consulting and cost analysis
- Plant location, layout and design consulting for maximum process flow and ROI
- Services expansion programs and related business model development
- Mergers and acquisition consulting as well as business, real estate and equipment valuation resources
- Lease negotiation and consulting including a comprehensive lease audit designed by insurance coverage experts, real estate lawyers specializing in fabricare operations, and plant design consultants
- Infrared thermal imaging services to maximize utility savings while helping to prevent potential fire losses
- Web commerce risk and business analysis consulting

YOU will benefit financially from reduced rates on industry vendor services…

Can’t afford such great advice? No problem, we agree to buy “bulk” hours from industry vendors at reduced rates. Even better, we will pay for or subsidize many of these services. This creates a true win-win for both

We act as one giant dry cleaning cost group; a general contractor of sorts. However, the consulting fees are greatly reduced through our subsidies and preferred rates.

We also have the Industry’s only “FAB” (Fabricare Advisory Board)- We network and have agreements with some of the top business consultants in the industry; A virtual who’s who with respect to Fabricare business and operations management.