Westside Video

The one-stop shop for every Santa Cruzan's film needs. We know movies!

Westside Video is a completely independent video store in Santa Cruz, CA. We proudly display the lowest consistent prices and the largest catalog of films in Santa Cruz County. We strive to give the best customer service while providing the best products available. We also really like to have fun, so we host lots of events in store and make a point of getting to know folks. After all, why wouldn't we want to hang out with you?We rent DVDs, blu ray, VHS tapes, video games for PS3, PS2, XBox360, XBox, Wii (and some old school games as well), and equipment, like VCRs, DVD players, game systems, Rock Band/Guitar Hero instruments, and video cameras.
We sell DVDs, VHS tapes, T shirts, art, movie memorabilia, posters, and hats, as well as lots of nummy treats.
We make laser engraved art work, art prints, shirts, and posters, both to sell in store and for our customers and collaborators.
If you'd like to rent or buy stuff from us, or make stuff with us, call, email, or come on down!